Board Members

Welcome to the AIGA Louisville chapter, if you need anything please feel free to contact us.

Zach Stewart


Art Director / Doe-Anderson

Zach Stewart is an award-winning art director and designer. He has worked with such brands as Cafe Press, Inc.; Carrier Corporation; Harrah’s Entertainment; Kentucky Science Center; Maker's Mark; and Wirtz Beverage Group. He currently works as an Art Director at Doe-Anderson. His work will be featured in the 2014 Commercial Arts Design Annual.

Don Hansen

Vice-President, Communications Chair

Interactive Designer / Developer at LEAP Agency.

Jaclyn Mullin


Designer Pennant Litho

Jaclyn Mullin is a graduate from the University of Louisville in Communication Arts & Design and Art History. She is currently the in-house designer for Pennant Litho, a small printing company in Louisville, KY, does freelance on the side and has a Pinterest addiction. Jaclyn works with clients anywhere from start up companies to larger corporations on a variety of projects. If you hear of live music around town, she is probably there.

Emily Musterman

Membership Chair

Designer / Kindred Healthcare

Emily Musterman is part of the in-house design team at Kindred Healthcare. Previously, she worked extensively on environmental graphics and signage and wayfinding for the University of Louisville. She's a life-long Kentucky resident and a graduate of the University of Louisville.

Cat Braithwaite

Social Media Chair

In-House Designer / Louisville Music Co. & Potenza Music Publishing

Cat Braithwaite is a graduate of The Art Institute of Phoenix and was previously a member and volunteer in the Phoenix AIGA chapter. She is currently the in-house graphic designer for the Louisville Music Company and their affiliate online retail stores Just For Brass & Just For Winds. Cat designs and illustrates the album and sheet music artwork for Potenza Music Publishing in addition to her freelance work.

Elizabeth Perry Spalding

Owner 21 Skye Design

Elizabeth Perry Spalding, founded 21 Skye Design, a local and national award-winning independent design studio in Prospect, Kentucky in 1999. The 21 Skye Design client list features independent authors and publishers: Sally Van Winkle Campbell, Mark Davis, Thom Shelby, Paige Valdiserri, Old Stone Press, and Crescent Hill Books. In addition to designing with several non-profit organizations and local fine artists, the 21 Skye Design for-profit clients include businesses of every size and nature: Goat Rodeo Productions, Craft(s) Gallery, Wiltshire Pantry, Twisted Salon and SuperNutrition, USA with CMO Doug Keeney. Elizabeth has been an active board member of LGDA for many years and served as President in 2005 and 2009. She has enjoyed watching the successful transition of LGDA into AIGA Louisville. Elizabeth completed her Bachelor of Design at the School of Design and Planning at the University of Colorado in Boulder.