Being a Practitioner of Life Beyond Design

Seun Erinle speaks on what means to be a practitioner in their life beyond design, adopting the ultimate growth mindset.

About this event

This event is a part of AIGA Louisville’s Women in Design Spotlight Series. The series aims to highlight women in various sectors of the design industry, providing a platform for women to speak about their work and personal journeys.


As a society we give so much respect to doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other “real” professions that we give such high regard. These professions call their place of work a practice. This means that they must keep up with the ever-changing world of medicine, or law, or tax adjustments, and so much more. The assumption is that these professionals must continue their education and training throughout their career, often having to take tests to renew their license.

I consider myself a practitioner as well. A practitioner of design and of life. You should too. I’ll stop learning, practicing, and trying again and again when I stop breathing. Come learn a bit about me and my design practice.

About Seun

Seun (they/she) has been a creative human all their life, but didn’t make the leap into design until their mid-20s. Now they run Grid Principles, a creative design practice, where they work with 6 other incredibly talented folx that craft dope projects for amazing clients.

As a Black, queer, non-binary, first-generation Nigerian-American, Seun has had to maneuver the world of business and design in unique ways. It’s been quite a journey for them and they’re still filled with excitement about their work and all that is to come.

Beyond being the owner, lead designer, and art director at Grid Principles, Seun enjoys DJ-ing from time to time, producing music, chef-ing it up in the kitchen, and hanging out with their wife and pup.

Seun wholeheartedly believes in honest and direct communication, and that persistence and intentionality can take you far.


Grid Principles Work

Being a Practitioner of Life Beyond Design image
Being a Practitioner of Life Beyond Design image
Being a Practitioner of Life Beyond Design image
When & Where
Fri, Oct 21, 2022
Grid Principles
2508 Portland Avenue
#Suite 14
Louisville, KY 40212