Open Call for Nominations

The future of AIGA Louisville aims to implement a more cohesive and diverse set of goals with an inclusive mindset. The Board is strategically working on creating partnerships and building community, and we would like to include more voices.

AIGA Louisville is having its first open board nominations. We have several positions available for serving 1-2 year terms. If you would like to be a part of the Louisville design community’s future, we encourage you to join us.

The positions up for nomination this year are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Program Director
  • Education Director
  • Community Engagement Director
  • Marketing / Communication Director
  • Membership Director
  • In-House Director
  • Events Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Director
  • Women Lead Chair
  • Digital Media Director

After we receive the completed forms, the Board will review and vote on the new board members. The new term begins after January 1, 2021.

Please click the link below to nominate yourself or anyone you know who would be a great asset to our evolving membership. The nomination deadline is Friday, November 13th.

Go to Nomination Form


What is the Board?

Board members are elected to serve and represent the entire membership of AIGA to the best of their ability in accordance with the AIGA’s Mission and their board position description.


What does it mean to be a board member?

AIGA Louisville must come first. You are loyal to your board, community, and chapter. You do not use AIGA for any personal gain. You do not make personal use of AIGA or any of its assets.

As a board member, you must avoid conflict of interest, seek advice responsibly, and avoid self-dealing. You have a responsibility to recuse yourself from conversations about any conflict involving yourself.

Board members must remain obedient to the organization and its mission. You will not publicly contradict the organization and must be a representative with integrity in the AIGA Louisville community.


Requirements to join as a board member:

  • Be an active AIGA member at the Contributing Level ($50/year) or higher
    • Supporting level ($150/year) or higher is required for President, Vice President, and Treasurer
  • Be an active member of the Louisville creative community
  • Attend a once a month board meeting
  • Attend 80% of AIGA events
  • Have an interest in serving on the board for 2 years
  • Have ~3+ hours per week to dedicate to the position (this is flexible depending on the time of year)


What do we do?

The Board of Directors is responsible for executing all activities and communications of the chapter. Directors should feel empowered to create a structure of supporting staff to help fulfill the goals and responsibilities assigned to his or her position. The Board of Directors is encouraged to delegate responsibilities to co-directors and committee members, as needed.


  • Maintain a Supporting membership level or higher while on the board
  • Must attend a minimum of 10 monthly board meetings per year.
  • Read preparation materials prior to each board meeting.
  • Make reports at the Board meetings, when appropriate.
  • Attend as many chapter events as possible and be accessible to the membership during events.
  • Reply to any question they’ve been asked within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Ensure that a written, permanent record of all official actions is kept.
  • Encourage your own professional contacts to become an AIGA member.


  • Establish and provide oversight for fiscal policy and boundaries.
  • Know the chapter’s budget, budget process, and financial situation.


  • Monitor the community and professional image of the organization.
  • Provide leadership and resources to appropriate committees.



The AIGA Louisville President establishes and conveys the vision of the board of directors while serving as the primary contact between the Chapter and the National Office. This person is expected to preside at all board meetings and business meetings of the chapter. They are responsible for running the board meetings, setting the agenda, and keeping the board focused on its objectives. They also direct and manage all chapter activities, programs, and services. The aim is to support the goals of the board members individually while keeping the overall pulse of the chapter, programming, and community needs. The president considers special projects and the long-range goals of the chapter.

Each year the President must ensure that the IRS form 1023 is complete and certificate of completion is sent to Nationals. This person must also file an Annual Report with the state and with Nationals. Lastly, they are responsible for updating the board members through Nationals.


Vice President 

The Vice President works directly with the President to assist in maintaining the direction of the board of directors. This person is responsible for working with the entire board to ensure that the goals of the chapter are being met.



The Treasurer is a current Board Member who oversees the financial stability of the chapter to ensure that the array of the chapter’s programs, activities, and plans are viable. The Treasurer works with the President, Vice President, Marketing & Communication Director and the Director of any program/workshop or event, and or any Director that needs financing.

The duties of the Treasurer are to:

  • Manage all monies associated with the organization, manage all unpaid and paid invoices, donations, bills, and paid marketing endeavors.
  • Communicate openly with board members, chapter members, appropriate vendors, and donators, in a respectable tone that reflects the chapter’s values.
  • Keeps all documentation in an orderly, obtainable, and open fashion.
  • Assists President in filing annual paperwork with the State and with Nationals



The Secretary works with the President, Vice President, and Treasurer to review event proposals and budgets, make decisions regarding Chapter policy, and provide guidance for the Board of Directors and the Chapter as a whole. The Secretary is responsible for keeping all Board members up-to-date on pertinent dates and details.

The Secretary may also assist administrative assistance to the chapter, managing all details and communications relating to chapter operations. They maintain accurate accounts and records of all chapter activities, events, internal communications, meetings, and board member information, including the preparation of status reports, agendas, and meeting minutes. The director also manages the filing of board reports with the National office.


Program Director

The Program Director conceives and produces the programs, events, speaking engagements, and workshops of the local chapter. The goal is to coordinate and oversee the planning and staging of these events, and ensures they reflect AIGA’s national mission and the needs of the local chapter and the graphics community.

The Special Events Director coordinates and oversees the planning and staging of a few select and significant Chapter events that require long term planning. This person also works closely with the Programming Director to develop and support regular programming activities.


Education Director

The AIGA Lou Education Committee’s mission is “to facilitate personal, professional, and technical growth among Louisville’s design community. Through varied events, we encourage collaboration between skill levels, cultural backgrounds, and design fields—laying a foundation of sustainable creativity that will adapt to the changing demands of education and outreach.

  • The committee is responsible for planning and producing approximately 6 events (workshops, panel discussions, etc.) per year.
  • The committee also is working to broaden the future diversity of our profession through identifying and partnering with existing organizations that are providing design education and experiences to under-represented youth.

The Education Director leads that committee’s efforts, coordinating closely with the Programming, In-House, and Diversity & Inclusion.


Diversity & Inclusion Director 

The Diversity & Inclusion Chair’s primary responsibility is to identify opportunities and develop programs that support the initiative within the local community. The goals are to raise awareness in the community through engagement, programming, and communications, offer guidance to the organization and its members, and participating in purposeful dialogues and activities.


Community Engagement Director

The Community Outreach Director builds and sustains relationships with the community at large. This person works to forge valuable connections between our local chapter and local businesses, other creative organizations, potential sponsors, volunteers, student groups, and educators. This person will work to advance the chapter’s visibility and to raise awareness of the role of design in the business world. This board member serves as the initial point of contact for volunteers. (Individual board directors manage their own volunteers once a match has been made.)



The Agency of Record the lead for any design needs throughout the year to bring a different design perspective to the chapter’s visual communication.

The Agency of Record will design and delegate working with other agencies and design partners in the local community. Together they will help showcase the vast talent of the Louisville design community.


Marketing/Communication Director

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for keeping our membership and community informed about the happenings of the Chapter and AIGA. This person oversees all outgoing Chapter communications from printed materials to web content to social media and newsletters. They work closely with the Digital Media Director and Events Coordinator to properly promote upcoming Chapter events.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversees all outgoing Chapter communications from printed materials to web content to social media and newsletters.
  • Present a Communication report at each Board meeting.
  • Coordinates with Events Coordinator and available volunteers to plan and execute effective marketing for each event and oversee, update, and maintain content on the Chapter’s website.
  • Coordinates with available volunteers to document all Chapter events.
  • Manages overall strategy for communications.


Digital Media Director

The Digital Media Director facilitates and maintains the chapter’s websites and email campaigns as well as the setup of new email accounts. They work closely with the Communications Director to keep all channels of communication up to date and messaging consistent across platforms.


Membership Director

The Membership Director works to recruit new members, maintain current members, and organize all membership data through the membership database. This person is the direct point of contact for all members, serving to answer questions, make connections, and encourage involvement. The Membership Director coordinates specific events, such as the annual Roundtable discussion to elicit feedback for National growth.


In-House Director

The mission of the In-House Director of AIGA Louisville is to support, engage, and empower all persons interested or involved with in-house positions. Support manifests in connecting with and encouraging all, whether they work alone or with many; designers to directors.


  • Engage the in-house design community through digital and interpersonal networking communication
  • Drive the in-house initiative to excite, inform, and support designers
  • Create events that relate to in-house struggles, benefits, and difference in work style
  • Inform business-minded agencies and organizations about the power of design as the center of a business model
  • Showcase and celebrate work that is important and meaningful


Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator relies heavily on the Communications Coordinator to properly promote upcoming Chapter events. This person is responsible for assisting the Programming Director in the day-to-day details of events (including but not limited to venue, catering, speaker arrangements, etc.). They may also assist with volunteers at events if the event has such need.


Sponsorship Director

The Development Director manages fundraising and sponsorship sources. This person is responsible for identifying, contacting, and soliciting potential cash and in-kind donors for Chapter events and programs. They work closely with the Programs Director to establish a calendar and identify potential sponsors for activities throughout the year.

  • Develops partnerships


Women Lead Chairs
The Women Lead Chair’s primary responsibility is to identify opportunities and develop programs that support the initiative within the local community.


When & Where
Thu, Oct 22, 2020 - Fri, Nov 13, 2020