Beauty’s the Best Way to Get Ugly with the Competition

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Event Details

The world measures success by using time and money as units. But what if we used good ideas, concepts, design, and honest relationships to inform the way we answered creative questions? This talk will give you sophisticated intellectual tools to tell anyone who insists that timesheets are necessary, that profits are more important than awards, that thoughtful process is fundamental to problem-solving, or that function overrides form to fuck-the-fuck-off.

About Pip Pullen

Pip Pullen is an ex-pat from London, England, who moved to Louisville for college in the late ‘70s. Years of doodling rather than listening in class encouraged him to pursue a career in illustration, a decision that worked out pretty well, particularly since he landed a cushy gig doing editorial cartooning for the now-defunct Louisville Times. His lack of focus ultimately moved him in a variety of different directions, ranging from design (he’s an ex-president of the Louisville AIGA chapter) to marketing to advertising to branding; as a result, and at least for the foreseeable future, he is president of the online advertising firm, Mightily.

About 1804

Entrepreneurism. It’s the same spirit that inspired Lewis and Clark to set out for a richer future in 1804. Today, 1804 is the namesake of our region’s entrepreneurship center. While it’s also a physical location, it’s foremost a membership organization for those whose imagination and commitment power a resolve to build something out of nothing.

When & Where
Fri, Aug 11, 2017 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
744 E. Market St
Louisville, KY 40203